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1) Updates on : Tibet to Nepal Cycling Expedition Jun2012 (team is in Tibet now!)
2) Updates on : Cycling Tour to YunNan Shangrila & LiJiang Sep2012
3) More Upcoming Trips
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join us for the overland journey to DaoCheng YaDing & western SiChuan (almost full!)
(confirmed trip) date: 20Oct-04Nov 2012

01) HaiLuoGou
02) LuDing Bridge
03) KangDing
04) LiTang
05) DaoCheng YaDing – 3 sacred mountains & alpine lakes (pearl lake – above picture,  5-colours & milk lake)
06) DeGe Tibetan sutra printing house
07) XinLuHai (YuLong la) lake
08) SeDa WuMing Buddhist School
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photo taken: Jun2010 (by Alvin Low)
It is sad to hear the news on Tuesday 08May2012:  2 Singaporeans who went for a pilgrimage trek organised by Today Travel Pte Ltd to Mount Kailash ended up perishing at the highpass.  It was said to be due to mountain sickness, or maybe even sudden cardiac-arrest triggered by stress & exhaustion.   Our heartfelt condolences to the family.
Mount Kailash is a sacred mountain for Tibetan Buddhism, Janism, Hinduism & Bon.  Every year, thousands of devotees make their way from Nepal, Pakistan, India to this sacred place to fulfil the pilgrimage journey.
I myself have been twice around this 52-km circuit trek around Kailash, in 2006, 2008 &  2010.    The trek is not for the normal people who just wish to see the mountain.   The trails are bare, rocky, uneven ground, and living conditions are basic, and you have to weather sub-zero temperatures.   There is also a 5650m Drolma la highpass to cross at the 26km mark.   Typically it will take 2 to 3days for the average people to do it.  staying overnight at 22km marker & 40km.  The better months are Jun-Sep.
The stronger trekkers can probably do it in 2 days, finishing the last 30km on day2.   Usually we would arrange vehicle-support for the last 4km, which trekkers can then have an option to stop the trek at 48km mark, and be driven back to Darchen.  Those who are not so strong, should also consider getting a horse to ride for most part of the journey.   If you are unsure about your condition or fitness, always take the safe decision to stay back & return.  It could have happened to anyone.  We always believe, to go out & be back home safe, the trip is already a great success!   We should not take that blessing for granted.
Have a Safe & Blessed Journey to All!
our trekkers during the Kailash trek (Jun2010)
local Tibetan devotee making prostration around the mountain (Jun2010)

Join us this Sep2012 to explore the 3-parallel rivers region in YunNan Shangrila & LiJiang
Trip date: 09-16Sep2012 (limited to 10 seats)
Route: Shangrila –> DeQin/FeiLaiSi –> CiZhong –> WeiXi –> TaCheng –> ShiGu –> LiJiang
Highlights: Tibetan & NaXi culture, MeiLi Snow Mountain (highest peak in YunNan), CiZhong Catholic church, 1st bend of ChangJiang (Upper Yangtze river), Tiger Leaping Gorge, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, LiJiang UNESCO old town

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The MOST professional local operator for Mount SiGuNiang climbing/trekking expeditions in Singapore & China!
We include the official climbing permits, and operate the climb with proper outdoor & travel license both in Singapore & China, NOT just simply passing you to the local contacts/guides at RiLong.  This is absolutely critical in ensuring accountability & quality of the expedition.
Our standard full-package service also comes fully equipped with necessary official climbing permits, camping/climbing equipment (ropes, harness, karibiners, ice-axe), meals tent, toilet tent, 1x Shangrila Adventure trip leader/cook, & local support guides.
upcoming climbs:
1) 01-10Sep : SiGuNiang DaFeng + ErFeng (scheduled, open)
2) 10-19Oct : SiGuNiang DaFeng + ErFeng (scheduled, open)


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